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40' wide x 50' steel garage
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The Superior Vertical Roof Steel Garage


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Superior can get you your new Steel Garage just how you want it and all for a outstanding price. Superior's Vertical Roof garage sets the standard of what others try to match. You really get your money's worth with this garage because it is built heavy duty for the long haul. The construction standards and assembly for this garage are held to a higher standard. This steel garage has a metal roof that is installed vertically which makes it look like a traditional metal house roof. The roof system is better designed and it has more metal in the frame system. Steel purlions "known as hat channel" are installed across the frame work long ways. This ties the frame system together creating a more rigid unit. The steel roof panels can be run vertically. This helps to keep unwanted items off the roof since the metal ribbing runs up and down. Snow and water are directed straight off the sides.

The vertical roof steel garage is our choice for a building. On our expanding menu to the left, we have three customer favorites listed. This can also be accessed below. The most popular steel garage for a mid ranged budget is the F-251 SPECIAL - 24' wide x 30' long by 9' side height. That steel garage gives you a lot of space for your dollar. Enough talk! Take a look at our photo gallery below, click on each picture for more detailed information. The files are large so be patient and let them load. Then continue under that to read more about our Famous Superior Steel Garage.

vg-1 24 x 30 x 9 Steel Garage


24 x 25 Steel Garage


24 x 36 x 9 Steel Garage


18 x 25 x 9 Side Entry Garage


20 x 30 x 9 Steel Garage


24 x 40 x 9


30 x 50 x 12 Steel Garage


48' wide garage


24 x 30 x 9 Steel Garage


24 x 40 x 9 Steel Garage


Custom 12 x 12 x 12


30 x 25 x 9 Steel Garage


30 x 60 x 12 Steel Garage


30 x 50 x 12 Steel Garage


24 x 30 x 9 Steel Garage


steel garage


Steel garage with 2 tone metal color.


40 x 50 garage.


Side entry 24 wide x 40 long x 10 high steel garage


Steel garage with lean to.



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Superior's vertical steel garages have many nice standard features:

Lot's of garage add-on options at great pricing:


Steel Garage Questions and Answers.

Q: Why is your garage Superior?
A: Our steel garage is SUPERIOR to other's in style, price, and design. We believe that our garage is the best unit available for the money.

Q: Why does the vertical roof system cost more?
A: The vertical roof system uses additional steel on top of the buildings roof bows to tie the frame members together and allow the vertical mounting of the steel roof panels. A ridge cap is installed. More labor is required. An up-graded trim package is also installed. You are getting what you pay for and then some with this garage.

Q: What are your standard vertical roof garage sizes?
A: Here is a size chart. We can also make any size in-between.

Common Garage Sizes: Width is first number.
10 x 21 10 x 26 10 x 31 10 x 36 10 x 41 10 x 46 10 x 51 10 x 56 10 x 61
12 x 21 12 x 26 12 x 31 12 x 36 12 x 41 12 x 46 12 x 51 12 x 56 12 x 61
18 x 21 18 x 26 18 x 31 18 x 36 18 x 41 18 x 46 18 x 51 18 x 56 18 x 61
20 x 21 20 x 26 20 x 31 20 x 36 20 x 41 20 x 46 20 x 51 20 x 56 20 x 61
22 x 21 22 x 26 22 x 31 22 x 36 22 x 41 22 x 46 22 x 51 22 x 56 22 x 61
24 x 21 24 x 26 24 x 31 24 x 36 24 x 41 24 x 46 24 x 51 24 x 56 24 x 61
26 x 21 26 x 26 26 x 31 26 x 36 26 x 41 26 x 46 26 x 51 26 x 56 26 x 61
28 x 21 28 x 26 28 x 31 28 x 36 28 x 41 28 x 46 28 x 51 28 x 56 28 x 61
30 x 21 30 x 26 30 x 31 30 x 36 30 x 41 30 x 46 30 x 51 30 x 56 30 x 61
40 x 21 40 x 26 40 x 31 40 x 36 40 x 41 40 x 46 40 x 51 40 x 56 40 x 61
50 x 21 50 x 26 50 x 31 50 x 36 50 x 41 50 x 46 50 x 51 50 x 56 50 x 61
60 x 21 60 x 26 60 x 31 60 x 36 60 x 41 60 x 46 60 x 51 60 x 56 60 x 61

Q: What do I do if I need a little help deciding what I need?
A: First locate the area you want to install your building in. Then use a tape measure and size the area. Make sure to look above the area and note if anything will block the installation of the steel garage. (low wires, tree limbs, other roof overhangs, etc.) Next, figure out how tall the tallest item you have or will have that needs to go into the garage is. This will allow us to size the walls and the doors for you. Give us a call, when you are ready for a little "professional guidance". We will help you get the most building for the lowest price, 1-866-943-2264. Here is a a link to our garage prices for the DIY folks.

Q: What do I need to do in order to prepare my site for my new steel garage?
A: Choosing a good building site is almost as important as the building. For tips, tricks, and info go to Site Prep / Concrete.

Q: I need my garage asap! How fast can I get it?
A: Let us know your details. If your site is ready and you need it fast tell us. Normally it takes Three to Six weeks from order date. Sometimes faster. Every steel garage is custom made to size and order. Believe it or not they are not just lying around. We bend, weld, cut and prepare each one for each customer in their color choice. We like to under promise because it is better to show up early than late.

Q: I get a lot of snow where I am. Is this the right product for me? A: Yes. Also order the 12 gauge frame.

Q: Do I need a permit FOR YOU to build this? A: We do not require a permit unless you live in FL or AZ. Some area's require permits and some dont. To find out if you do call your local building inspector office and ask. They might tell you or send you to zoning who might tell you. If YES, find out what the wind and snow load in your area is and find out if you need stamped building plans. We match up the wind/snow load with one of our certified buildings and we can have drawings sent to you after you place your order. Some building department's may look at you and say huh? If thats the case, you can just order a certified building built to the your basic state wind and snow loads which we know.

Q: Does a certified steel garage cost more?
A: Depends. Most of the time Yes. We can add extra anchors, bracing and trusses to beef up a building frame.

Q: What is the best wall height for a garage?
A: 9' side legs give a really open and roomy feel. 12' for garages that will get a car lift and 7' feet for a tight budget.

Check out our master Garage FAQ page for more questions.

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