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Vertical Roof Steel Garage




steel garagae in snow


Steel Garage 30' Wide x 25' Long x 9' Leg Height
To build it on-line, choose these options:
Gauge: 14
Width: 30
Length: 25
Height: 9
Style: B
Vertical Roof: Yes
Close Right side: Yes
Close Left side: Yes
Close Back End: Yes
Close Front End: Yes
Optional Items: Quantity:
10' wide x 8' tall garage door in end: 2
Walk in Door: 1
Windows: 3
Vertical front end: 1

steel garage display


steel garage with trucks

10 x 8 roll up door mirror clearance on f250

men on roof


left side

Background: This is a 30' wide by 25' long lot display building. We still currently have it on site. It is about 6 years old now. This building taught us a lot about concrete and the failures of concrete contractors. Over the years, we had some very bad luck with 3 different concrete contractors at our office. Be very careful, if a contractor is wild eyed or asking for cash up front. They might be taking pills or hooked on drugs. Bad concrete contractors pushed us into concrete work. We now do all concrete work in house in North Georgia and we can travel further if you are willing to pay hauling and lodging cost. If you have machines on site for us to use it will save you money.

Water tip: To prevent water from entering the building through the garage door area. Form the slab with a slight angle. Have it slope towards the garage doors. If you leave you doors up when it rains, water will not run back into your building. This building had a concrete slab that is sloped inwards, It gets water in it every time it rains, not because it leaks but because the concrete sends the water right in. Little details really count in building a steel garage. It all starts from the ground up. Getting the base right is as important as the building. If your concrete if already poured and you notice water coming under the garage doors you can install a glue down garage door threshold to keep the water out.

This building also has an optional vertical faced front wall for display purposes.


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