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Our Louisiana Metal Garage's are HARD TO BEAT!



Superior Buildings and Carports, Inc. offer's an impressive selection of Louisiana Metal Garages. We have three main garage style's which are built on your building site. Our metal garage pricing includes delivery and installation to all of Louisiana.

A lot of men that work in Louisiana have tuff jobs, from working on an oil rig to driving a truck. We know money is hard to come by and we have A HARD TO BEAT metal garage made just for you.

The hard to beat Louisiana metal garage

Louisiana Metal Garage's.

We service New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Lafayette and surrounding area's.

standard la garage

Superior's Louisiana metal garage's are built on site at your location. We have almost any size you need. A popular garage is our 24W x 40L x 9 *Mr. Big* 4 Car. It seem's that many people in Louisiana have boats and RV's. If you are looking to cover a tall item consider going with 10' to 12' side leg's. We can put up a building that is tall enough to cover those large vehicle's. All our buildings come standard with peak bracing and corner brace's. We offer heavy duty bracing package's for our taller metal garage's

Louisiana Metal Garage Prices


Louisiana metal garage's by Superior are delivered un-assembled, loaded on a 30' trailer and pulled to your location by a 1 ton type work truck. We pre-make all the part's for your garage in a factory. Once everything is ready we bring it to you and build the metal garage on your site. We can install the garage on concrete, gravel, ground, asphalt, wood floor, deck, and even metal shipping container's. In most case's installation and delivery is already included in the price. We might charge extra fee's if your metal garage building spot is unlevel or if it is install on a special surface. Go here, to understand more on how to get your metal garage site ready.

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