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Metal Garage's. Made in Texas. Lone Star TUFF.


Superior Buildings and Carports, Inc is well known around Texas. Our metal garages come in many sizes and can be used as a simple workshop, 2 car garage, 4 car garage, or even a little bird helicopter hanger. Texas is a big state and many folks have hunting property and vacation property far away from the normal everyday life. Our Texas Metal Garages can be installed in most any place, as long as an F-350 sized work truck pulling a 30' long trailer can get to your location. It is best to build your metal garage on a flat surface. Concrete, gravel, dirt, asphalt and wood all can be used as a garage base.


texas metal garage

Texas Metal Garage Prices

Texas metal garages are built on-site at your location. All buildings are made according to order then brought to your location by a sub-contractor and installed on site. It typically takes 3 to 5 weeks from the time of order till the time of installation.

tx steel garage

The metal garage above has extra lean to sides to give additional storage space. Texas is known for its hot sun and rainless days. When buying a metal building remember that color affects the tempature. The darker the Texas metal garage the hotter it is in the sun. A white, beige, or sandstone roof is the coolest in the sun. Superior offers three main metal garage style in texas. Click on Texas Metal Garages to see more information.

Texas metal garage

Superior's Texas metal garages are built tuff. Take our 30 x 60 x 12 Car garage. This building gives a lot of space for the money, 1800 sq ft for about $17,000.00 plus tax installed. Most all our metal garage's already have delivery and installation in the price. Are you on a tight budget? We have a special deal for you a value 18 x 21 x 7 metal garage, starting at $2690.00 plus tax. *THAT PRICE INCLUDES INSTALL* You only need to prepare the place to build it. Of course we have all kinds of Texas metal garages right between those two. Use the explore our site menu on the top left to find out more on our Texas metal garage's.

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