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Superior buildings is located just north of Florida in Georgia. We have a shop that services Florida.

Our Florida metal garages are factory made and built on your level location.

Florida is known for its high winds and sandy soil. We have three special Florida Metal Garage's that are made just for Florida's weather conditions. We have a standard rolled corner metal garage, an a frame metal garage, and the steel vertical roof garage's. Our FL metal garages come in 13 color choices. We have a 14 / 12 gauge frame option, with 6 certfied garage door's, a FL certified walk in door, and windows.

Superior Building's and Carport's has been in business for over 37 years!
You can rest assured that we have a building that is what you are looking for, here.

florida metal garage

Metal Garages Florida

Three garage styles are available for purchase. All styles are here garage style's. Superior's FL metal garages have delivery and installation included in the price.

All Florida metal garage's are custom built to order. Every thing starts with the building location. First you need to decide on the size garage that you want. A customer favorite is the 24W x 30L x 9 F-251 Special Garage. Look at the area and notice if it is level or not. Our Florida metal garage's are installed on asphalt, concrete, dirt, gravel, decks, docks, etc. The customer is required to have the floor ready for the garage. We can assist in helping direct you on how to do it.

Florida is very strict about permit requirement's. In almost all cases the State of Florida require's a building permit. Sometime's they also want a drainage study on where you are going to set the building. We require a permit on all garages 18 wide x 21 long and smaller. A permit is not required for our larger metal garages.

Orlando FL, Tampa FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Fort Myers FL, and Tallahassee FL are just some of the FL cities we serve.

All Florida metal garage's are custom made after your order. We offer certified and un-certifed garages. If you are going to get a permit for the garage you will need the certified garage.

In most cases the 145 mph wind rating on our 12 gauge frame is what you will want for your garage. We also offer a 160 mph wind rating and we can go to a 180 mph wind rating which is hardly ever required.
If you have plenty of room for your garage and you want to stick to a standard size look at our size chart for Florida Metal Garage sizes.


florida metal garages


florida garage

The next step is to click on the garage styles in the upper left corner and pick out your new Florida Metal Garage.

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